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Autumn Forest is a nature biome southwest of Midtown. Connecting areas are the Carnival, the Flower Field and the Dark Maze.


Items that are commonly found here include Spotty Shrooms, Bramble Shrooms, Cap Shrooms, Pumpkin Crops, and various flowers. Infinity Shrooms and Blink Shrooms are also available as a rare drop.


Autumn Forest houses chimeras with Nature and Moon element (nighttime only).


Secrets and Tips

  • The stairs on the very first map are revealed by interacting with the little hole on the same wall.
  • The mysterious bush on the same map can be cut down with the Magic Machete.
  • The hole to reveal the middle stairs at the east end of the largest map is behind the two Sumpet to the north.
  • Glow spell can be found on the way to Flower Field.
  • The obelisk on the northern map can be charged with a Mana Link; this will reveal a bridge to access the Dark Maze.
  • The path on the western map is only accessible from the other side, after completing the Dark Maze.
  • The Carnival is accessible after 9pm, in the western part of the largest map, east of the group of Carrion Prey.
  • A mana stone(?) is found on the largest map, granting you the spell Mine II.
  • The sailor in the northwest will first sell you fishing equipment (A Fishing Rod, a Lure and 5 Fishing Baits) for 1 gold and then, in exchange for a Moonling, gives you the spell Trout Trap
  • You can get Deep Lure from the Totem in front of the sailor, in exchange for 2 gold and 5 Salmon.
  • The updraft east of the Carnival entrance can be explored with Propeller Hat.
  • A teleportation stone is available in the middle of the largest map.
  • Geez' hat is located in Carrion Prey's nest west of the Carnival entrance.