A Chimera Pen is an item that can house Chimera in which they will independently eat food from troughs, produce special items, and produce chimera pearls. By interacting with the scrolling sign at the front of the pen, you can demolish the pen or view its total population, happiness, and hunger.

Chimera Interactions

The Chimera interaction menu.

You can interact with a Chimera in a pen by clicking on the speech bubble displaying their name. You are given these options:

  • Pickup! This returns your Chimera to their crystal form, allowing them to picked up and put in your inventory.
  • Play! This allows you to pick one of the playtime interactions (play, jest, etc).
  • Feed ____! Feed a special treat to your Chimera. Each species prefers a different item.
  • Change name!
  • About? View the species description.
  • Nevermind.



Result Ingredients Crafted at
50px Chimera Pen S Plank Plank x5 Work Bench Work Bench
50px Chimera Pen M Hard Plank Hard Plank x10 Work Bench Work Bench
50px Chimera Pen L Hard Plank Hard Plank x50 Work Bench Work Bench
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