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This maze can be found inside the Autumn Forest. The map below does not have the complete areas of the candles.

Using the glow spell or Night Light perk is required to gain access to the area. The glow spell is the crescent moon image only.

Navigate the maze and avoid fuzzy monsters, they will reset you to the beginning of the map. You will need to collect all keys to enter into the Nature Temple. Keys do not have to be collected in any specific order.

Key- In the cavern of the dug grave

key- in a small room in the statue maze

key- top left most area of the maze, you will need to pull the two switches in the map (south side of grave girl area). The fuzzy monsters in this area move in a counterclockwise rotation, you will need to time their passing to leave 2-3 seconds after they pass and follow up the path behind it.

To place key in slot, use it from the special items menu.

Note- To access the Cloud spell, the switch top left near the roving fuzzy monsters will need to be pulled to open the little metal gate in the pathway.