Serin Fate Wiki

Fishing is one off many activities you can spend your time with.

To be able to fish you need a Fishing Rod and a Lure. Without Fishing Bait you will most likely catch nothing but Seaweed and occasionally some Fishing Bait. With Fishing Bait you can catch all kinds of Fish.


  1. Equip the Fishing Rod and the Lure or Deep Lure in your hotbar.
  2. Stand near water, select the Fishing Rod and press SPACE. Than click on the spot you want to start fishing at.
  3. With W A S D you can move the Lure around. To catch Fish you have to move the Lure to Bubbles in the water (see Gallery).
  4. After positioning the Lure over Bubbles you wait untill a Fish bites. This is marked by an exclamation mark and the writing "Bite!" above your head.
  5. Press SPACE (fast), when your lucky the Fish will be reeled in.


To be able to fish in the ocean you need a Deep Lure.

You can reel in the Lure at any time by pressing SPACE.

When you start to fish you enter a minigame.

On the water around your Lure will occure many things.

A number over your Lure indicates how many moves you have left. When it reaches 0 the Lure is reeled in.

Water lily pads are obstacles. You can jump over one pad. But if there is no empty water next to the lily you will lose some moves. If more than one space besides the pad is empty, it is random on which the Lure lands.

Other obstacles are Seaweed, Timber and Lures. When you crash into one of those you will lose some moves, but they will vanish.

Beware of currents, when you enter one, you will be carried along to the end of it. This can help to reach Bubbles faster, but it can also lead to dead ends.

A green plus sign over the water gives you more moves when you pass it.

For a higher chance to catch fish, use Power Bait.

Happy Fishing and Good Luck! :)