Serin Fate Wiki

To begin Gardening you will need to:

  1. Place Soil
  2. Plant Seeds
  3. Water the plants.

There are four types of plants: Fungus, Crops, Flowers, and Trees. Fungus, Crops, and Flowers grow slowly if they’re crowded. Try planting in rows, not clumps. Fungus will not grow above ground.


Crops and Fungus require wet soil and wet soil boosts growth of all plants. There are different ways to water your plants:

  • Use a Bucket of Water Bucket of Water on your fields. It's the most labor intensive way to do it.
  • Equip the Magic Watercan Magic Watercan and walk over your fields.
  • Place a Moisture Mill Moisture Mill near your field to keep them moist.
  • Place the Soil near water (the lake or the stream)(2 to 3 tiles away).

Prevent Pests

  • Use the Birdhouse Birdhouse to keep away birds.
  • Use the Guarden Toad Guarden Toad to prevent crops from going bad by bugs or plant Wild roses to ward off the bugs.
  • Use Scarecrow Scarecrow to scare away crows.

Boost Growth

  • Spells like Seed Praise and Nurture will greatly increase seed growth.
  • Certain flowers boost seed growth.
  • Witches with the Nature-runic-icon.png Nature Runic Attunement grow plants much quicker.
  • Link-A-Dink can be placed near the soil to grow any plants almost instantly.