First Steps

When starting the game you begin in a Treehouse, first step you should take is to uncover and talk to the mirror, Cane. Once you have chosen a name for your character and save, you will be asked: "How are you feeling". Your response will determine which Rune you are attuned to. Whichever you choose you will gain +10 points in.

  • [Nature Runic] - Like a sapling.
  • [Storm Runic] - Electric!
  • [Sun Runic] - Bright and radiant.
  • [Moon Runic] - Glowing...
  • [Void Runic] - Dark and mysterious.

Finally, you will be asked, "what's your favorite color?" This will determine the hair color your avatar has. Once you have chosen, you cannot change this later.

  • Red.
  • Purple.
  • Blue.
  • Green.
  • Orange.

You can now use the mirror to change your character's appearance. Once you leave the Treehouse you will be unable to change your appearance again.

Before you can exit the Treehouse you need to find three key items scattered throughout the Treehouse.

  • Notebook
  • Map of The World
  • Witchery Dex

The Witchery Dex can be found upstairs. The remain two items are on the first floor of the Treehouse.

Now head to the Treehouse exit where you will be greeted by Coco who will ask you, "What interests you most as a new Witch!?", Whatever you choose you will be given a starting item related to (the others can be crafted or bought later).

Outside the Treehouse

After leaving the Treehouse you find yourself in an area with many Trees, Plants, some Stones. This area is yours to do with it as you like.

North-east of your Treehouse is a Save Stone. Don't forget to save your game! It won't save on its own, not even when you go to bed.

South-west of your Treehouse between some trees stands The Brood. You can feed it to get XP or monies.

When you walk over the bridge to leave the Treehouse area, Ruby will come to you. She will help you to get started. For this, she sends you letters to your Letterbox, with tasks that will reward you with some XP.

You can tell when you have a new letter by a large bird sitting on top of the Letterbox.

Moving On

Now you are free to roam around the Chimera Kingdom (only limited if you are still an Alpha Witch).

There are many things you can do in Serin Fate, some of them are:


In the Treehouse the drawers between the Skull and the clock contain three Apples and 14 Currency Copper.png Copper Coin.

If you have hastily closed the Window with the short tutorial you can access it via the controller icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Note that there are arrows for more info then just move with: WASD! Short reminder: Use items from your hotbar with SPACE, press Shift to sprint, choose spells by clicking on the bar left of your hotbar. Other than that... 'E' for everything.


  • I - inventory
  • K - key items
  • M - map
  • N - notebook
  • O - options
  • P -perk/skill tree

Don't forget to save at save stones.

Always uncover and activate Obelisks (press two times E when infront of them). These increase your max Mana and you learn new Spells.

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