Serin Fate Wiki
Name Power Description
Acid-dart-icon-38.png Acid Dart 10 Slings an acidic spore!
Bash.png Bash 0 Tooth'n Claw!
Bite.png Bite 8 Chomp chomp chomp!
Fireball-icon-38.png Fireball 40 Barrage your foes with explosive fire!
Fire-dart-icon-38.png Fire Dart 10 Slings a burst of fire!
Egg Lay.png Egg Lay 0 Lays an egg by Magical means.
Dark-dart-icon-38-2.png Dark Dart 10 Slings a slice of doom!
Leaf Blade.png Leaf Blade 17 Hurls a spinning blade of Nature energy!
Light-lance-icon-38.png Light Lance 12 Sling radiant needles of light!
Magic Bash.png Magic Bash 0 Magical Whoopin!
Magic Dart.png Magic Dart 10 Slings a photon of Magic energy!
Magma Spike.png Magma Spike 38 Unleash blazing and rocky force!
Napalm.png Napalm 19 Char your foes with sizzling molten!
Pebble-shot-icon-38-2.png Pebble Shot 12 Smack your foes with smoldering debris!
Pebble-shower-icon-38-2.png Pebble Shower 32 Barrage your foes with smoldering debris!
Poultice.png Poultice 15 Restores some HP.
Replenish.png Replenish 25 Restores some HP.
Rock-spike-icon-38-2.png Rock Spike 35 Ravage and crush Monsters!
Sun-blast-icon-38-2.png Sun Blast 70 Scorching radiance...
Thorn.png Thorn 12 Puncture your foes with glimmering sharpness!
Venemous-bite-icon-38-2.png Venomous Bite 10 May poison Monsters!