Serin Fate Wiki

Sennia is a female NPC of the Serin race that can be found in Midtown, where she also runs a shop. She is very straightforward and usually annoyed when spoken to by the player.


Sennia has a collection task that the player can complete by giving her a Death Blossom.

When given a Death Blossom the player will receive her scry totem.


Sennia's shop is located in east Midtown, right next to the Shopkeeper's shop.

Sennia herself is usually found outside the Witches' Guild, and she can be found outside the entrance to the Autumn Forest.


You can enter Sennia's house by giving her Blink Shroom, Monster Soul, and Infinity Shroom respectively after you get her totem. In it, you can get random mushrooms by interacting with the potted plants whenever it's available.


Item Price Stock Description
Bottle Bottle 260 Currency Copper.png 382 An empty potion flask!
HP Potion HP Potion 500 Currency Copper.png 20 A replenishing tincture!
Mana Potion Mana Potion 1 Currency Gold.png 500 Currency Copper.png 20 Bubbling Magic!
Ash Ash 1 Currency Gold.png 20 Charred remains... Spooky?
Amulet Amulet 4 Currency Gold.png 500 Currency Copper.png 3 Seems to hold dormant power...
Ring Ring 5 Currency Gold.png 3 A shiny band.
Eyeball Eyeball 15 Currency Copper.png 20 It's gaze seems to follow you...
Cap Shroom Cap Shroom 45 Currency Copper.png 20 A juicy yield!
Spotty Shroom Spotty Shroom 125 Currency Copper.png 20 A juicy yield!
Flower Petals Flower Petals 1 Currency Gold.png 99 Soft petals... and a common Witchery ingredient!
Tiny Hat Tiny Hat 100 Currency Gold.png 99 People from far and wide admire your tiny hat.

*20 percent shop discount!

Red Bows Red Bows 5 Currency Gold.png 99 Cutesy bows!
Diamond Ring Diamond Ring 75 Currency Gold.png 99 A dazzling stone... Its shimmer catches the eye of Goldfish!
Dark Ring Dark Ring 5 Currency Gold.png 99 Seems to contain something evil...
Pointy Wand Pointy Wand 2 Currency Gold.png 1 Sometimes Spells replenish their Mana cost!

Secret Shop

Sennia's secret shop is accessible from 12:00-12:55am through the trapdoor from her shop. You need to bring her Monster Souls to unlock it.

Item Price Stock Description
Bottled Lightning Bottled Lightning 32 Currency Gold.png 2 Vvvvibrating with power!
Chimera Crystal Chimera Crystal 10 Currency Gold.png 3 Crystallized Magic! ... But at what cost?
Chimera Tonic Chimera Tonic 15 Currency Gold.png 3 Chimera seem more abundant...
XP Potion XP Potion 32 Currency Gold.png 3 Becomes more experienced!
Nekomancer Hood Nekomancer Hood 1 Currency Gold.png 1 Pets attack twice as often!

Wearer can chat with cats...