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Shopkeeper is a male NPC that can be found in Midtown, where he runs a shop.


The Shopkeeper can be found in East Midtown either inside his shop or standing outside the shop before the shop opens. The shop opens at 8am.

To purchase or sell items, right click on the item in either the store or your personal inventory.


Item Price Stock Description
Juicy Apple Juicy Apple 36 Currency Copper.png 99 Heals some HP!
Egg Egg 20 Currency Copper.png 99 A bird egg...
Work Bench Work Bench 700 Currency Copper.png 1 Craft!
Fishing Rod Fishing Rod 1 Currency Gold.png 1 A flexible rod!
Lure Lure 300 Currency Copper.png 1 Suitable for shallow waters!
Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout 480 Currency Copper.png 3 Commonly found in most lakes.
Salmon Salmon 800 Currency Copper.png 3 A hefty trout.
Sera Juice Sera Juice 80 Currency Copper.png 3 Energize your mind, body, and soul!
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie 44 Currency Copper.png 3 A true delicacy!
Plank Plank 68 Currency Copper.png 3 Trimmed forest logs.
Tiny Chest Tiny Chest 100 Currency Copper.png 3 Could store a few things...
Chimera Food Chimera Food 20 Currency Copper.png 19 Tasty Chimera chow!