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Starwen is a female NPC of the Serin race that can be found in Midtown. She is the princess of Chimera Kingdom and has also become a witch; the first one of royal blood in a long time.

Royal Note

Starwen has a collection task that the player can complete by showing her a Golden Feather and NOT giving her the said item.

When being shown a Golden Feather and not giving it to her, the player will receive Royal Note, which can be used to enter the castle premises and reach a pillar that increases your mana regeneration when activated.


Starwen can be found in the Midtown library, inside of the Witches' Guild.

Using her scry totem, she can be called to the old shrine beyond the Dark Maze, which she will open and discover a piece of the Fate Stone.


Unlike Tess, Demlin, and Sennia, being friends with Starwen won't let you enter her house. She'll give a tip instead about how to acquire Magic Dust. This can be triggered by giving her Magic Dust after the Royal Note has been obtained.