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Tess is a female NPC that can be found in Midtown. she is an inventor and as such, she enjoys inventing stuff.


Tess has a collection task that a player can complete by giving her 3x Copper Bars.

When given 3x Copper Bars the player will receive her scry totem.


Tess can be found in West MidTown park, walking next to the calendar.

She can also be located on the west side of town at the base of the stairs from the Witches' Guild. Tess is near the trees along the edge of the hill.

You also can found her in the third floor of Witches' Guild.


You can enter Tess' house by giving her Powered Solenoid, V Rune, and E-Void Bar respectively after you get her totem. Doing so will also unlock Link-A-Dink, a new recipe in your crafting station.